Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020 Job Vacancies

Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020, current vacancies at Obafemi Awolowo University 2019, the Institution is recruiting and there are available job openings at Obafemi Awolowo University OAU 2019-2020, this article will guide you on how to apply for the available job positions, requirements and detailed guide.

Complete Guide on Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020

The Obafemi Awolowo University is a wide-ranging government institution founded in 1962 as The University of Ife. The University is located on a massive expanse of land totaling 11,861 hectares in Ile-Ife, Osun State, the southwest region of Nigeria. Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates to fill the following academic and non-academic positions below.

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  • Is Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020 on?
  • When will Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020 start?
  • What are the requirements for Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020?
  • How can I submit an application for Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020?
  • Where can I obtain the Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020 form?
  • What is the deadline for Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020?
  • Is Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020 form out?

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Current Job Openings at Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020

  1. Medical Laboratory Scientist II
  2. Library Officer
  3. Higher Library
  4. Senior Library Officer
  5. Principal Library Officer
  6. Engineer II (Electrical)
  7. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye Professorial Chair
  8. Higher Technical Officer
  9. Senior Technical Officer (Planning)
  10. Principal Technical Officer II (Mechanical/Electrical)
  11. Artist II and I
  12. Workshop Supervisor (Carpentry)
  13. Agricultural Superintendent
  14. Technical Officer
  15. Technical Officer (Curator)
  16. Pharmacist I
  17. Medical Social Work Officer (Grade II)
  18. Physiotherapist
  19. Medical Imaging Scientist
  20. Nursing Officer I
  21. Optometrist
  22. Assistant Lecturer (Agricultural and Environmental Engineering)
  23. Medical Laboratory Technologist I
  24. Senior Research Fellow (Natural History Museum)
  25. Junior Research Fellow (Natural History Museum)
  26. Pupil Engineer (Network)/Network Administrator II
  27. Technologist II
  28. Systems Programmer II/Web-Application Developer
  29. Senior Artist II
  30. Artist III
  31. Technologist I
  32. Assistant Lecturer (Chemical Engineering)
  33. Assistant Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)
  34. Lecturer II (Mechanical Engineering)
  35. Assistant Sports Coach (Scrabble, Table-Tennis)
  36. Lecturer I (Mechanical Engineering)
  37. Assistant Groundsman III
  38. Lecturer I (Materials Science & Engineering)
  39. Lecturer II (Materials Science & Engineering)
  40. Assistant Lecturer (Food Science & Technology)
  41. Lecturer I (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  42. Senior Lecturer (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  43. Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science & Engineering)
  44. Planning Officer II
  45. Senior Lecturer (Surveying and Geo-informatics)
  46. Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)
  47. Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)
  48. Lecturer I (Chemical Engineering)
  49. Lecturer II (Chemical Engineering)
  50. Confidential Secretary
  51. Senior Lecturer (Zoology)
  52. Lecturer II (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  53. Assistant Lecturer (Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
  54. Assistant Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning)
  55. Assistant Lecturer (Demography and Social Statistics)
  56. Assistant Lecturer (Building)
  57. Senior Assistant Registrar (Editorial)
  58. Assistant Lecturer (Quantity Surveying)
  59. Senior Lecturer (Geography)
  60. Assistant Lecturer (Estate Management)
  61. Assistant Lecturer (Geography)
  62. Assistant Lecturer (Architecture)
  63. Assistant Lecturer (Psychology)
  64. Lecturer II (Political Science)
  65. Assistant Lecturer (Political Science)
  66. Assistant Lecturer (Sociology and Anthropology)
  67. Lecturer I (Surveying and Geo-informatics)
  68. Librarian II
  69. Librarian I
  70. Lecturer II (Economics)
  71. Senior Librarian
  72. Lecturer I (Fine and Applied Arts)
  73. Principal Librarian
  74. Lecturer I (Quantity Surveying)
  75. Junior Research Fellow (Ecology and Environmental Studies)
  76. Lecturer II (Nursing Science)
  77. Lecturer I (Architecture)
  78. Lecturer II (Surveying and Geo-informatics)
  79. Research Fellow II (Ecology and Environmental Studies)
  80. Lecturer I (Nursing Science)
  81. Lecturer II (Urban and Regional Planning)
  82. Senior Lecturer (Nursing Science)
  83. Research Fellow I (Ecology and Environmental Studies)
  84. Lecturer II (Fine and Applied Arts)
  85. Lecturer II (Building)
  86. Lecturer II (Quantity Surveying)
  87. Lecturer I (Medical Biochemistry)
  88. Lecturer II (Architecture)
  89. Lecturer II (Mathematics)
  90. Lecturer I (Mathematics)
  91. Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)
  92. Lecturer I (Medical Microbiology and Parasitology)
  93. Assistant Lecturer (Zoology)
  94. Lecturer I (Chemical Pathology)
  95. Lecturer II (Zoology)
  96. Lecturer I (Zoology)
  97. Medical Trainee Fellow
  98. Assistant Lecturer (Geology)
  99. Lecturer II (Geology)
  100. Lecturer I (Geology)
  101. Lecturer I (Microbiology)
  102. Lecturer II (Microbiology)
  103. Assistant Lecturer (Microbiology)
  104. Assistant Lecturer (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  105. Lecturer II (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  106. Lecturer I (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  107. Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  108. Lecturer I (Haematology and Immunology)
  109. Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)
  110. Lecturer I (Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics)
  111. Assistant Lecturer (Medical Rehabilitation)
  112. Lecturer II (Chemistry)
  113. Lecturer I (Arts & Social Sciences)
  114. Lecturer I (Chemistry)
  115. Assistant Lecturer (Religious Studies)
  116. Lecturer II (Religious Studies)
  117. Lecturer I (Foreign Languages)
  118. Lecturer II (Foreign Languages)
  119. Lecturer II (Science and Technology Education)
  120. Assistant Lecturer (Foreign Languages)
  121. Senior Lecturer (Chemistry)
  122. Assistant Lecturer (Linguistics & African Languages)
  123. Lecturer II (Educational Management)
  124. Lecturer II (Linguistics & African Languages)
  125. Lecturer II (Arts & Social Sciences)
  126. Lecturer II (Music)
  127. Assistant Lecturer (Music)
  128. Lecturer II (Education)
  129. Senior Lecturer (Dramatic Arts)
  130. Lecturer II (Pharmacognosy)
  131. Lecturer I (Dramatic Arts)
  132. Lecturer II (Dramatic Arts)
  133. Assistant Lecturer (Dramatic Arts)
  134. Assistant Lecturer (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)
  135. Lecturer II (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)
  136. Lecturer I (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development)
  137. Lecturer I (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Pathology)
  138. Lecturer I (Soil Science and Land Resources Management)
  139. Lecturer I (Restorative Dentistry)
  140. Lecturer II (Soil Science and Land Resources Management)
  141. Assistant Lecturer (Soil Science and Land Resources Management)
  142. Lecturer I (Paediatrics and Child Health)
  143. Lecturer I (Medicine)
  144. Lecturer I (Crop Production and Protection)
  145. Lecturer II (Crop Production and Protection)
  146. Assistant Lecturer (Crop Production and Protection)
  147. Assistant Lecturer (Family Nutrition and Consumer Sciences)
  148. Lecturer II (Local Government Studies)
  149. Assistant Lecturer (Local Government Studies)
  150. Assistant Lecturer (Management and Accounting)

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General Requirements 

  • Possession of B.Sc/HND/NCE/OND in any related field of study from a recognized institution. Higher qualifications required for some positions.
  • Maximum of 50 years of age.
  • West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with Credits in a minimum of 3 subjects with the English Language inclusive and not less than Passes in 2 other subjects or
  • National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) O’ Level with passes in 4 subjects gotten in one sitting or 5 subjects gotten in 2 sittings with English Language inclusive.
  • National Diploma (ND) awarded by a renowned institution or
  • National Certificate of Education (NCE) awarded by a reputable educational institution or
  • General Certificate of Education A’ Level in 2 subjects gotten in one sitting or 3 subjects gotten in two sittings.
  • Must be computer literate.

How to Apply for Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020

Interested and suitably qualified individuals are required to tender 25 copies of their Applications and up-to-date CV specifying the following information in order as enumerated below:

  • Full Name (Surname first in capital letters).
  • Post Applied for (State the Department/Unit)
  • Date and place of birth (attach birth certificate/sworn affidavit).
  • Nationality.
  • State of Origin, Senatorial District and Local Government Area (if a Nigerian)
  • Permanent Home Address.
  • Current Postal Address / including G.S.M. Telephone number and E-mail Address.
  • Marital Status.
  • Number of Children and their Ages.
  • Institutions attended with dates.
  • Academic/Professional qualifications and distinctions obtained with dates (attach copies of credentials).
  • Work Experience with dates.
  • Present Employment, Status, and Salary (if any).
  • Research interests and activities
  • Conferences/courses attended (state titles of papers presented if any).
  • Professional accomplishment.
  • Publications with the date.
  • Service to national and international bodies.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities.
  • Any physical challenge?
  • Names and addresses of three (3) referees who must have been closely associated with Candidates’ academic/work experience.

Applications and CV of all interested individuals are to be sent to the address specified below:

The Registrar,
Obafemi Awolowo University,
Ile-Ife – Osun State.

“For the attention of the Director of Personnel Affairs”


  • Candidates applying for this position are advised to request their referees to forward confidential reports on them directly to the Registrar. The reports should be duly marked “Confidential”.
  • Only the applications of shortlisted candidates will be acknowledged.

Application Deadline for Obafemi Awolowo University OAU Recruitment 2019-2020

  • 5th September 2019.

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