Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2020-2021 Job Vacancies

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2020-2021 is close by and candidates will soon start submitting their applications. This article will discuss extensively the application process, the requirements and possible job positions for the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2020-2021.

Complete Guide On How To Apply For the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment

Modern Prisons Service was instituted in Nigeria in the year 1861. Western-type prison was established in Nigeria conceptually in that year. NPS has the aim to create a credible Prison Service that seeks lasting change in offender’s attitudes, values, and character and also make sure of their successful reintegration into the free society. NPS also has the objective to promote public protection by rendering assistance to inmates in their rehabilitation under secure and humane conditions in compliance with the universal standards.

Many interested candidates have been asking pertinent questions about the Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2020-2021. Some of these questions are:

Answers to these questions will be provided in this article. Further information and guidelines for the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment 2020-2021 will also be extensively discussed.

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List of Job Openings at the Nigerian Prison Service

  • Superintendent Cadre
  1. Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Medical, CONMESS 02
  2. Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Veterinary CONMESS 02
  3. Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP) Pharmacy, CONHESS 09.
  4. Assistant Superintendent of Prisons. I (ASP.I) CONPASS 09
  5. Assistant Superintendent of Prisons II (ASP.II), CONPASS 08
  • Inspectorate Cadre
  1. Senior Inspector of Prisons (SIP), CONPASS 08.
  2. Inspector of Prisons (IP) Nursing, CONHESS 06.
  3. Assistant Inspector of Prisons (AIP) CONPASS 06.
  • Assistant Cadre
  1. Assistant I (PAI) CONPASS 05
  2. Prisons Assistant II (PAII) CONPASS 04
  3. Prison Assistant III (PA.III) CONPASS 03

Job Position: Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Medical, CONMESS 02

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  • Applicants must be have M.B.B.S/M.D/M.D.S; or a relevant qualification from reputable universities.

Job Position: Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Vetinary CONMESS 02.


  • Must have D.V.M from a renowned institution.

Job Position: Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP) Pharmacy, CONHESS 09


  • Candidate should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from a respected institution of learning.

Job Position: Assistant Superintendent of Prisons. I (ASP.I) CONPASS 09


  • Possession of a master’s degree from a reputable University in the following field studies: Humanities; Social Sciences; Lab. Sciences; Architecture; Engineering; Radiology or any other relevant discipline

Job Position: Assistant Superintendent of Prisons II (ASP.II), CONPASS 08


  • Applicants should possess a first degree from a renowned University in the following disciplines: Humanities; Social Sciences; Psychology; Estate/Town Planning; Public Health; Food Sciences; Social Works or other related courses of study.

Job Position: Senior Inspector of Prisons (SIP), CONPASS 08.


  • Applicants should have HND certificates awarded by a popular Polytechnic/Colleges in the following areas: Estate Management; Town Planning; Public Health; Food Sciences; Social Works or in other related fields.

Job Position: Inspector of Prisons (IP) Nursing, CONHESS 06.


  • Candidates should be Registered Nurses or Registered Midwives or Registered Nurses/Midwives gotten from a reputable institution of education.

Job Position: Assistant Inspector of Prisons (AIP) CONPASS 06.


  • Possession of OND/NCE awarded by a renowned educational institution.

Job Position: Assistant I (PAI) CONPASS 05


  • Candidates should have GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE/NECO or relevant qualification with not less than of 5 Credits gotten in 2 sittings with English and Mathematics inclusive or Trade Test Grade 1 as an Artisans; Motor drivers; Mechanics; Auto Electricians; Plumbers; Carpenters; Masons or any relevant trade.

Job Position: Prisons Assistant II (PAII) CONPASS 04


  • A GCE Ordinary Level SSCE/NECO or a related discipline with not less than 5 Credits gotten in sittings with English inclusive or Trade Test Grade II as an Artisans; Motor drivers; Mechanics; Auto Electricians; Plumbers; Carpenters;  Masons or other relevant fields of trade.

Job Position: Prison Assistant III (PA.III) CONPASS 03


  • Applicants must possess a GCE Ordinary Level SSCE/NECO or related qualification with not less than 3 Credits gotten in 2 sittings with English or Mathematics inclusive or a Trade Test Grade III as an Artisans; Motor drivers; Mechanics; Auto Electricians; Plumbers; Carpenters; Masons or any other relevant trade study.

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General Requirements for the Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment

  • Applicants must be a Nigerians citizen.
  • Must have the requisite qualification and certificates. Any certificate or qualification not presented and accepted at the recruitment center will not be accepted after the recruitment.
  • Candidates must be fit and show medical reports from a Government recognized Hospital that confirms that.
  • Exhibit good character and must not have any criminal history.
  • Must not belong to any Secret Society or Cults or be a Drug Addicts.
  • Applying candidates must not be financially committed to a loan organization.
  •  Acceptable ages range is 18 and 30 years
  • Acceptable heights are a minimum of 1.65m for males and 1.60 for females.
  • The chest measurement should be 0.87 for men.
  • Efficient in the use of computers.

How to Apply Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment

  • Visit and fill out the application form.
  • Ensure to print out the Referee Forms and they must be completely and properly filled, ready for submission during the screening.
  • Applying for multiple positions will attract automatic disqualification.

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