National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020 Job Vacancies

National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020. Vacancies at National Open University of Nigeria 2019/2020. This article will discuss latest updates on National Open University of Nigeria 2019/2020 guidelines and requirements as well as other vital details.

NOUN is an open and distance learning institution and is as of the moment, the biggest public university in the whole of West Africa in terms of numbers of active registered students. It is a reputable and respected university in the Nigeria University System.

There have been numerous important questions asked by anticipating candidates about the National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020. A few of these questions include:

  • Is the National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020 on?
  • How can I get the form for the National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020?
  • Deadline for National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020.
  • Where can I apply for National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020?
  • Updates on National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020.

These questions will be fully answered in this article. Vital details about the vacant job positions and requirements for the National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 2019/2020 will also be shared in this article.

Job Vacancies at National Open University of Nigeria

  1. Assistant Librarian
  2. Librarian II
  3. Librarian I
  4. Senior Laboratory Technologist
  5. Laboratory Technologist I
  6. Laboratory Technologist II
  7. Professor (Computer Science)
  8. Professor (Environmental Science)
  9. Professor (Mathematics)
  10. Professor (Pure & Applied Sciences)
  11. Professor (Nursing Science)
  12. Professor (Public Health)
  13. Professor (Environmental Health Science)
  14. Professor (Business & Public Administration)
  15. Professor (Cooperative Management)
  16. Professor (Entrepreneurship)
  17. Professor (Accounting)
  18. Professor (Banking and Finance)
  19. Professor (Economics)
  20. Professor (Criminology & Security Studies)
  21. Professor (International Relations)
  22. Professor (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
  23. Professor (Political Science)
  24. Associate Professor (Environmental Science)
  25. Professor (Tourism)
  26. Associate Professor (Mathematics)
  27. Associate Professor (Crop and Soil Science)
  28. Associate Professor (Pure & Applied Sciences)
  29. Assistant Lecturer (Accounting)
  30. Assistant Lecturer (Banking and Finance)
  31. Assistant Lecturer (Tourism)
  32. Associate Professor (Environmental Health Science)
  33. Associate Professor (Public Health)
  34. Senior Lecturer (Computer Science)
  35. Associate Professor (Business & Public Administration)
  36. Senior Lecturer (Environmental Science)
  37. Associate Professor (Cooperative Management)
  38. Senior Lecturer (Mathematics)
  39. Associate Professor (Entrepreneurship)
  40. Senior Lecturer (Pure & Applied Sciences)
  41. Associate Professor (Accounting)
  42. Associate Professor (Banking and Finance)
  43. Lecturer I (Environmental Science)
  44. Senior Lecturer (Animal Science & Fisheries)
  45. Associate Professor (Economics)
  46. Associate Professor (Criminology & Security Studies)
  47. Lecturer I (Mathematics)
  48. Associate Professor (International Relations)
  49. Lecturer II (Computer Science)
  50. Senior Lecturer (Agric. Economics and Extension)
  51. Lecturer I (Pure & Applied Sciences)
  52. Associate Professor (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
  53. Lecturer II (Environmental Science)
  54. Senior Lecturer (Agric. Extension and Rural Development)
  55. Associate Professor (Political Science)
  56. Lecturer II (Mathematics)
  57. Associate Professor (Tourism)
  58. Lecturer I (Animal Science & Fisheries)
  59. Associate Professor (Mass Communication)
  60. Lecturer I (Crop and Soil Science)
  61. Senior Lecturer (Arts and Social Science)
  62. Lecturer II (Pure & Applied Sciences)
  63. Lecturer I (Agric. Economics and Extension)
  64. Senior Lecturer (Educational Foundation)
  65. Lecturer I (Agric. Extension & Rural Development)
  66. Lecturer II (Animal Science & Fisheries)
  67. Senior Lecturer (Nursing Science)
  68. Lecturer I (Arts and Social Science)
  69. Lecturer II (Agric. Economics and Extension)
  70. Senior Lecturer (Public Health)
  71. Lecturer I (Educational Foundation)
  72. Lecturer I (Science Education)
  73. Senior Lecturer (Environmental Health Science)
  74. Lecturer II (Agric. Extension & Rural Development)
  75. Lecturer I (Human Kinetics & Health Education)
  76. Senior Lecturer (Religious Studies)
  77. Lecturer I (Nursing Science)
  78. Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
  79. Lecturer I (Public Health)
  80. Lecturer I (Environmental Health Science)
  81. Lecturer II (Arts and Social Science)
  82. Lecturer I (Religious Studies)
  83. Senior Lecturer (Business & Public Administration)
  84. Lecturer I (Languages)
  85. Lecturer II (Educational Foundation)
  86. Lecturer I (Philosophy)
  87. Senior Lecturer (Cooperative Management)
  88. Senior Lecturer (Entrepreneurship)
  89. Lecturer II (Science Education)
  90. Lecturer I (Business & Public Administration)
  91. Senior Lecturer (Accounting)
  92. Senior Lecturer (Banking and Finance)
  93. Lecturer I (Cooperative Management)
  94. Lecturer II (Human Kinetics & Health Education)
  95. Lecturer I (Entrepreneurship)
  96. Lecturer II (Nursing Science)
  97. Lecturer I (Accounting)
  98. Lecturer I (Banking and Finance)
  99. Lecturer II (Public Health)
  100. Lecturer I (Economics)
  101. Lecturer II (Environmental Health Science)
  102. Lecturer I (Criminology & Security Studies)
  103. Lecturer I (International Relations)
  104. Lecturer II (Religious Studies)
  105. Lecturer I (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
  106. Lecturer II (Languages)
  107. Lecturer I (Political Science)
  108. Lecturer I (Hotel Management & Tourism)
  109. Lecturer I (Tourism)
  110. Senior Lecturer (Economics)
  111. Lecturer II (Philosophy)
  112. Lecturer I (Mass Communication)
  113. Lecturer II (Jurisprudence & International Law)
  114. Senior Lecturer (Criminology & Security Studies)
  115. Lecturer II (Public Law)
  116. Senior Lecturer (International Relations)
  117. Lecturer II (Private and Property Law)
  118. Lecturer II (Government Law)
  119. Senior Lecturer (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
  120. Senior Lecturer (Political Science)
  121. Senior Lecturer (Hotel Management & Tourism)
  122. Senior Lecturer (Tourism)
  123. Lecturer II (Administration)
  124. Senior Lecturer (Mass Communication)
  125. Lecturer II (Cooperative Management)
  126. Lecturer II (Entrepreneurship)
  127. Lecturer II (Accounting)
  128. Lecturer II (Banking and Finance)
  129. Lecturer II (Economics)
  130. Lecturer II (Criminology & Security Studies)
  131. Lecturer II (International Relations)
  132. Lecturer II (Peace & Conflict Resolution)
  133. Lecturer II (Political Science)
  134. Lecturer II (Hotel Management & Tourism)
  135. Lecturer II (Tourism)
  136. Lecturer II (Mass Communication)

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General Requirements 

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  • Applicants should have a Ph.D Degree from a reputable University with the minimum of 3 years post-doctoral teaching, research and administrative work experience in a tertiary institution of learning.
  • Candidates should present evidence of not less than 8 articles published in both local and internationally recognized educative journals and also a registration with relative professional bodies where required.
  • NOUN has the authority to request for additional qualities from a potential member of the community.
  • Candidates who have gotten to the retirement age or have been retired from another service should not apply.
  • NOUN will not give appointment and promotion at the same time to staffs and it will also place candidates at a salary scale commensurate to their qualifications and work experience.
  • Every employed staff is expected to be physically present and actively a resident in the respective department in Lagos, Kaduna or Abuja. NOUN does not give staff housing facility.
  • Every applicants are to be computer literate and can efficiently use the internet and online technologies of instruction.
  • Applicants must display credible ability to provide academic and research leadership.

How to Apply for National Open University of Nigeria Recruitment 

Qualified candidates are  to submit 20 word processed copies of their Application Letter and CV to:

The Registrar,

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN),

91, Cadastral Zone, University Village,

Nnamdi Azikiwe Express Way,

Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.


  • Applicants should ensure that the post they are applying for and the Department are to be written at the top-left corner of the envelope which contains the application.
  • Only shortlisted candidates would be invited for an interview.

Deadline: Not Stated

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